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The Funny Ghost

Halloween nights are a lot of fun and even more fun when you can share them with your friends. This Halloween, Ginger, Sally, and Pompom, will go into the forest searching for lots of treats.

Join these three friends on this night full of surprise and humor, where bats and spiders lurk everywhere and the fog of the night thickens.

A funny picture book to learn not to be afraid of the night, perfect for young readers celebrating Halloween.

Julie and the not so Scary Monster

When things go bump in the night, when your room is too dark and every sound gives you a fright, what are you going to do? When you can’t stop thinking about the monster under your bed and every thought about it gives you nightmares, who can you get a good night sleep free of nightmares and scary dreams?

Come, join Julie in this a relaxing bedtime adventure and you too can kiss your fears of the dark goodbye and perhaps even make a new friend!

Le yoga du soir